With years of experience with a wide range of clients, I have many different approaches in my usability tool bag. I can fit the project to your particular area of interest and scope to make sure we learn what we need while staying within your parameters.

Usability Testing

  • From paper prototypes to existing products
  • With a conference room or a full lab equipped with a one-way mirror
  • From services to devices
  • Deliverables can include results meetings, workshops, presentations, reports and video highlights

Field Testing & Contextual Inquiry

  • Take the research to your users!
  • See how your product is actually being used while interviewing your users

Heuristic Evaluation

  • Utilize established design guidelines for evaluation
  • A quick and affordable method of reviewing products and designs


  • From quick surveys to thorough customer and product profiles
  • From customer satisfaction to targeting to exploration
  • Familiarity with most available survey tools, I can use your survey tool or have licenses myself
  • Ability to integrate sophisticated statistical analyses when appropriate

Behavioral Analysis

  • Leverage existing data to ask and answer questions about user patterns, design challenges and customer trends
  • Many companies have logged a gold mine of usage data and I can help take advantage of it

Focus Groups & Interviews

  • Obtain feedback on new concepts
  • Learn about your target customers


  • I have existing relationships with some of the best recruiters in the country to make sure your study has the appropriate participants to make your study a success